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Wall Mounted

These low profile units are popular in many applications. These are a lower cost alternative to mirror units and contain a filter system.

Wall Mounted

Power Supply: 208-230V / 60Hz / 1ø

Model No.: ARNU073SEL2

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  • Auto changeover (Heat Recovery only)
  • Auto operation
  • Auto clean (coil dry)1
  • Child lock
  • Dual thermistor control
  • Forced operation
  • Group control
  • Hot start
  • Self diagnostics
  • Sleep mode
  • Timer (on/off)
  • Weekly schedule
  • Soft dry (dehumidification)



  • Auto direction/swing (up/down)
  • Auto direction/swing (left/right)2
  • Manual direction (left/right)3
  • Fan speed control
  • Chaos swing (random louver swing)
  • Chaos wind (random fan speed)
  • Jet cool (fast cooling)



  • Washable pre-filter
  • Plasma
  • Carbon



  • 7-day programmable controller
  • Simple controller with mode
  • Simple controller without mode
  • Wireless handheld controller


1: Requires wireless handheld controller

2: S5 models only

3: SE models only

Available models: ARNU093SEL2, ARNU123SEL2, ARNU153SEL2, ARNU183S5L2, ARNU243S5L2

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Download Submittals Indoor Units - Non Ducted Wall Mounted - GEN 2 ARNU073SEL2
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