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Multi V Space II

LG Multi V Space VRF is a Heat Pump system that is a single phase 4.4 ton outdoor unit which can be linked to up to 9 indoor units using a single refrigerant piping system. It uses factory designed and supplied Y-branches and headers, and has integrated controls. The LG Multi V Space Heat pump system can operate in either cooling or heating mode.

Multi V Space II

Power Supply: 208-230V / 60Hz / 1ø

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  • Provides VRF system zoning and efficiency
  • Rear side air intake / air discharge
  • Suitable for indoor installation behind a louver
  • Compact size for installation
  • Operating ranges of 23°F to 118°F in cooling mode
  • Quiet and comfortable environment
  • Reduced ductwork

Available models: ARUN053GF2

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