Indoor Units

LG indoor units offer a wide range of styles and features to fit all of your cooling and heating needs. With cassettes that mount flush to the ceiling, ducted units that are completely concealed in the ceiling, and LG's award-winning Art Cool™ Gallery and mirror-finished, wall-mounted units that fit into any décor, the Multi V™ system offers unparalleled aesthetic design and indoor units to fit into multiple applications.

Ceiling Mounted

Ceiling mounted indoor units offer options of 1-way, 2-way and 4-way cassette options in 2'X2' or 3'X3' chassis alternatives.

Surface Mounted

LG provides surface mounted indoor unit options which include the floor standing (with and without case) and the convertible options.

Wall Mounted

Wall Mounted indoor units offered by LG Air Conditioning Technologies for commercial applications.


LG offers a range of ducted indoor unit styles for use with all Multi V™ compressor systems for design flexibility.

Water Heat & Cool

High-efficiency hot/cold water supply solutions like the hydro kit for heated water applications.