Indoor Unit Accessories

LG provides a whole range of different accessories with LG's indoor unit including heat recovery units, y-branch kits, cassette accessories, refrigerant charger kits, and more.

Y-Branch Kit - Indoor

Multi V indoor and outdoor unit Y-branch pipes.

Heat Recovery Units (HRU)

These factory assembled heat recovery headers are designed to save the install contractor time and easy fit up to field indoor piping.

High Efficiency Filter Box

The slim low profile ducted high efficiency filter box matches the LG low profile high static ducted indoor units.

Electric Heat Kit

The Electric Heater Accessory is designed for exclusive use with Vertical Air Handling Units

CO2 Sensor

CO2 sensor is connected to ERV and transmits the concentration of CO2 found in ambient air to a controller in the form of an electric signal.

Dynamic V8 Air Cleaners

The Dynamic V8® – VL Series combines the principles of several important technological advances to create an air cleaning system that is a quantum leap forward compared with the current state of the art and outperforms anything on the market!

Air Cleaner Media

LG offers air cleaner media in 4-pack and 24-pack opttions.


Multi V system header pipes.

Cassette Accessories

LG offers many cassette accessories like the auto elevation kit, decorative covers, ventilation kits, grille options, plasma filters.

Return Air Accessories

The return air suction grill and canvas match up to the low static bottom return ducted indoor unit without special field design. LG also provides return air grilles for Dynamic V8® Air Cleaner in louvered or egg crate options.