Indoor Unit Accessories
Heat Recovery Units

Heat Recovery Units come in 2, 3, or 4 port sizes with maximum capacity of 54 MBH per port or total of 192 MBH for entire unit or series connected units.  Units can be series piped using the thru-piping configuration or parallel piped using Y-branches. Maximum number of indoor units per port is 8.

Heat Recovery Units

Model No: PRHR022A

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Allows connected indoor units to be in cooling or heating mode simultaneously

Internal components are insulated

  • External casing insulation of Heat Recovery Unit is not needed
  • Condensate drain not needed

Series or parallel connection with additional heat recovery units

Flexible placement for service access or pipe routing

Access panels

  • Top panel for solenoid valve heads
  • Rear panel for control access
  • Bottom panel for refrigerant circuit 
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