A variety of accessories are designed enhance the LG Multi V system experience.

Multi V Accessories

The Multi V™ accessories include the air guide, low ambient control kit, low ambient baffle kit, and hail guard kit for Multi V IV and Multi V 5.

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Drain Pan Heater

The pan heater is easy to install on Multi F, Multi F MAX, Multi V™ S (2Ton and 5Ton) outdoor units to prevent potential ice buildup in extreme winter conditions

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Y-Branch Units (Indoor and Outdoor)

Multi V indoor and outdoor unit Y-branch pipes.

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Multi V system header pipes.

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Data Saving Module

The Data Saving Module is a diagnosis tool for Multi V Outdoor Units (Data Logging Tool). By connecting the Data Saving Module to a Multi V outdoor unit, operational data can be saved onto an SD Card and then viewed on a PC for interpretation.

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Mirror Panel

Optional mirror panels for Multi V ArtCool wall-mounted indoor units.

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Wired Remote Group Control Cable Assembly

Wired Remote Group Control Cable Assembly combines indoor units for group control.

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Suction Grill & Canvas

Accessories for use with Multi V ceiling-concealed built-in indoor units.

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Auto Elevation Kit

Lowers and rises the filter on Multi V 4-way ceiling-cassette indoor units.

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Ventilation Kit

Adds ventilation air into Multi V 4-way ceiling-cassette indoor units.

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Heat Recovery Units - GEN 4

These factory assembled heat recovery headers are designed to save the install contractor time and easy fit up to field indoor piping.

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CO2 Sensor

CO2 sensor is connected to ERV and transmits the concentration of CO2 found in ambient air to a controller in the form of an electric signal.

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